Whether you’re about to kick off a remote project or managing an oilfield camp, ensuring your site has an uninterrupted power supply is crucial. Fortunately, this is where D&R Generators can help. With our offering of dependable John Deere and Stamford generators for rent, we can meet your project’s specific power requirements.

Next, we will explain how D&R Generators manages our customers’ generator rental needs. Keep reading to find out more!

Addressing Our Customer Concerns

Searching for a reliable industrial generator rental company can be difficult as many details need to be addressed to ensure you get the right unit for your needs. Many oilfield camp managers often have questions regarding their power requirements, fuel consumption, and installation logistics. Fortunately, D&R Generators is here to help! It’s our mission to help you find the right generator rentals for your project, and we do so with decades of experience and transparency.

Determining your project’s generator rental needs depends on several factors, but the most important is your power load. D&R’s team will work with you to assess your project’s needs accurately, ensuring you rent a generator that fits your power requirements and budget. As for fuel consumption, this can be influenced by numerous operational factors. At D&R, we will advise you on the operational strategies your project can employ to optimize fuel usage without compromising performance.

Installation, delivery and generator hookup logistics are extensions of D&R Generator’s rental services. While these may incur additional charges, our team will ensure that every aspect of your generator rental needs is handled with expertise and professionalism. Our team understands the importance of an on-site assessment for your generator rentals. If needed, D&R will gladly visit your site and tailor our service to your needs. That way, you can trust that not only will your generator rental meet your performance expectations, but the logistics of delivery and setup will be seamless.

Our Generator Rental Services

At D&R Generators, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of rental industrial generators to power your camps and projects effectively. From 50kW to 400kW, our generators are an excellent option for various power needs.

Specializing in remote power solutions, D&R recognizes the critical role of reliability in such work sites. As a certified John Deere and Stamford generator dealer, we often recommend pairing a John Deere diesel generator with a Stamford electric generator to ensure consistent and dependable power performance, even in the most challenging conditions.

For oilfield projects spanning six months to a few years, D&R Generators offers long-term generator rental options at a competitive rate. We understand the challenges many remote work camps and sites face without high-line power, which is why our generator rentals are indispensable. By choosing D&R Generators for all your generator rental needs, you can depend on the reliability of our equipment to keep your operations running smoothly.

Delivery and Additional Services

As mentioned briefly, delivery and setup logistics are a significant part of finding the right generator rentals. At D&R Generators, ensuring hassle-free delivery is crucial to our commitment to our customers. While our delivery options may include additional charges, we prioritize providing seamless services customized to your site’s needs. Whether that means ensuring adequate space for equipment, using cranes for the loading/unloading process or providing routine maintenance, D&R Generators takes every measure to ensure a simple process.

Additionally, every generator rental is meticulously maintained and backed up to guarantee an uninterrupted power supply. So, when you need a dependable industrial generator rental company, choose D&R Generators.

Ready to Get Renting?

By partnering with D&R Generators, you get more than a reliable oilfield generator rental; you’re also getting access to decades of experience, competitive prices, and dependability. Whether you need to rent an industrial generator for a short- or long-term project, we are here to help!

Contact D&R Generators today to discuss your generator rental needs and let our team be your partner in powering your projects.